10 Standout Birthday Party Favors For Kids


If you’re in the middle of birthday party planning for your child, you may be struggling to come up with good ideas for party favors for guests to take home with them. If the birthday party has a theme, it can sometimes make it easier to come up with ideas, but not always. In case you’re stuck, here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Bubble Wands

Bubble wands make nice party favors because they’re bright, colorful, and fun. They’re also easily customizable to fit the theme of your child’s party. For example, if you’re having a princess-themed birthday, they can be “wands”. If you’re having a Star Wars-themed birthday, they can be “light sabers”.

S’mores Kit

S’mores kits are great because it gives kids an activity to do when they get home, and they’re delicious! They’re also fairly cheap. You just need to buy Hershey’s, marshmallows, graham crackers, and plastic baggies.


Adopt A Puppy

A very popular party favor trend, “adopt a puppy” lets kids feel instantly responsible for their new stuffed pet. It combines their love of dogs, toys, and feeling grown-up.


This may sound almost too simple, but kids love Slinkys, and you can find them fairly cheap online. You can mix it up and get different colors and patterns, or you can keep them all one color to match the party theme.

Mini Chalkboards

Mini chalkboards are excellent party favors. They allow kids to get creative, and it’s something they’ll actually play with later. Bonus points if you pair the chalkboards with colored chalk!

Light-Up Glasses

A bunch of kids running around in these is so cute. Light-up glasses make for great photo ops, and the kids will love them. Mix it up and get different colors and patterns!

Emoji Anything

One thing’s for sure: kids love emojis. And they will love anything you give them that has emojis on it—rings, stress balls, pillows, temporary tattoos, stamps, stickers. Anything.

Fake Mustaches

Another great one for photo ops, fake mustaches look adorable on kids, and are pretty affordable if you buy them in bulk.


Little Golden Books

This is a particularly sweet party favor. Choose old classics, add a ribbon, and send kids off with something great to read.

Initial Painting Kit

Get a wooden letter for each guest and a low-priced paint set, and they have an automatic craft to do at home! Kids will love painting their name letters, and can even use it as décor in their bedroom.


Remember, kids are always excited to have something new to bring home. Whether you decide to go the DIY route or construct an elaborate goody bag, party favors aren’t something you should stress about!
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