10 Cute And Romantic Wedding Cake Toppers

wedding cake topper

Wedding cake toppers are one of the cute details where you’ll really be able to show your personality as a couple. There are simple ones out there that most people use, but there’s also creative, cute, and romantic ones that really catch the eye and say a lot about a couple. At Grand Banquet, we always pays attention to the wedding cake topper, since they tend to be particularly creative and fun. We put together a list that you’ll absolutely love if you’re interested in choosing your own unique cake topper!

1. Customized Motorcycle Wedding Cake Topper

Motorcycle Topper - Wedding cake topper

Like to ride on the wild side? This cute cake topper shows a little bit of personality for those who love to ride bikes. This seller will customize your last name, then you’re ready to show off your love of the open road! You can find this topper on Etsy.

2. Sports Wedding Cake Topper

Sports Topper - Wedding cake topper

Are you two sports fans? Here’s a great way to show off that competitive side. There are some great toppers with the bride and groom playing a variety of sports. You can find these at The Knot.

3. Dancing Wedding Cake Topper

dancing topper - wedding cake topper

What a romantic topper! This one shows off the classic “dip” move. If you two love to dance, this is a great choice to add to the top of your wedding cake. You can find this topper at David’s Bridal.

4. Mechanic Wedding Cake Topper

Mechanic Tools - Wedding Cake Topper

Got a fiancé that spends way too much time in the garage fixing up his car? We know the type. This hilarious topper is sure to show off the personality between you two. You can find this topper on Etsy.

5. Music Box Wedding Cake Topper

Music Box Topper - Wedding cake topper

This is one of the cutest toppers we’ve ever seen. Been together since you were kids? What better way to show off your long journey than this cute topper? You can find this one on Wayfair.

6. Fireman Wedding Cake Topper

Fireman - wedding cake topper

Is your future husband a fireman? Get this cute cake topper that shows off his bravery! You can find this topper on Etsy.

7. Comical Wedding Cake Topper

Comical Topper - wedding cake topper

Is your husband always kicking and screaming in response to everything you want to do? We’ve seen it before. Show your lighthearted side with this comical cake topper. You can find this one on The Knot.

8. Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Beach - Wedding cake topper

Do you love the beach as much as we do? This fun wedding cake topper will show all your guests just how much you love the beach. You can find this one on Wayfair.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake Topper

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake Topper

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Who knows! What we do know is that if you two love The Nightmare Before Christmas, you must get this as your topper. You can find this one on Etsy.

10. “Still Shopping” Wedding Cake Topper

still shopping wedding cake topper

We know you love shopping! We do, too. Show off your love of shopping with this cute wedding cake topper. You can find this topper on The Knot.

Hopefully this list gives you some creative ideas for your own wedding cake topper. Put on your thinking cap, and have fun with it.