13 Practical Wedding Registry Ideas Every Couple Should Consider

wedding registry ideas

One of the most exciting things about the wedding planning process is figuring out where you want to register for gifts, and what items you get to request. Who doesn’t love presents, right? The only problem is that sometimes couples get so excited about the big-ticket items and luxury goods that they overlook the more practical things that they’ll actually really need to start their married life together. In order to help you avoid missing out on the more important items, here’s a guide to practical wedding registry ideas that will come in much more handy than an 88″ flat screen TV.

wedding registry ideas

1. Vacuum Cleaner

You might laugh now, but the feeling of getting a quality vacuum cleaner means you finally know what it means to be an adult.

This is one of those items that every household needs, but you don’t always want to spend premium money on. While getting a sweet speaker system may be nice, a solid vacuum will last you for years and will consistently come in handy when you need it.

2. Microwave

One of the greatest inventions in the last 100 years is the microwave. Every household needs one of these. Whether you’re a 5-star Michelin chef or you can barely make eggs, everyone needs to use a microwave every now and then.

Perfect for those late nights when you just want to reheat some leftovers, a microwave is a very practical and useful wedding registry idea.

3. Nice Towel Set

Again, this is one of those wedding registry ideas that people seem to often overlook, but having a high-quality towel set for your home is a great addition.

Having extra guests over for the night? No need to worry about going out and getting extra towels, because you were smart enough to add them to your wedding registry after reading this!

luggage set - wedding registry ideas

4. Luggage Set

A luggage set might be a bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth a shot to add it to your list.

After your wedding and before you have kids, you’ll most likely try to do some traveling. Getting yourself a luggage set will make these trips so much easier.

5. Tool Set

You don’t need to be a full-on contractor, but having some handy tools around the house is always a smart idea. You never know when you’ll need them.

Ever try hanging a picture frame on your wall without a hammer to use on the nail? That can be difficult. Skip the pricey ice cream maker, and get this practical wedding registry gift.

A good tool set can last you a lifetime, depending on how much wear and tear you put on it.

6. Container Set

Where exactly do you plan on storing the leftovers from all that delicious food you plan on making after you get married? Certainly not in the Sony Playstation that you asked for.

A great container or Tupperware set will get so much more use than you might think. This is one of those wedding registry gift ideas that you’ll think back on and thank yourself for adding to your list.

cooler - wedding registry ideas

7. Cooler

If you’re the type of couple that plans on doing a lot of entertaining in your backyard, a cooler might just be the perfect gift to add to your registry list.

Keep all your drinks cool outside instead of guests having to go in and out of your house to grab something. It’s one of those great items that you always want, but don’t really want to spend the extra cash on.

8. Slow Cooker

If you’re both going to be extremely busy during the week with your jobs (as most newlyweds are), it might be wise to get a slow cooker added to your registry list.

This is because if you don’t have the time or energy to come home and whip something up for dinner, a slow cooker is the perfect solution. Throw in whatever you’re deciding to cook before you leave to work, and it will be ready for you by the time you get home.

9. Serving Platters And Bowls

Just like having a quality cooler will help you entertain, having nice serving platters and bowls goes a long way. You’re not in college anymore, where you can get away with using red Solo cups and paper plates as serving dishes.

It’s time to step into the adult world and own serving dishes that you can use for entertaining for years to come.

pots and pans set - wedding registry ideas

10. Pots And Pans Set

If either of you cook, a good pots and pans set is something you’ll probably use each and every day. There’s no need to register for four or five different sets. Just pick one solid set that has a variety of sizes.

A good set can be kept in your kitchen for years to come, and will get a lot more use than some of the more high-end luxury items that you might be tempted to ask for. Think practically!

11. Cutting/Carving Board

This list has a lot of kitchen items, but that’s because the kitchen is the heart of your home. Cutting boards are going to get a lot of use pretty much 90% of the time that you’re going to be cooking.

picture frames - wedding registry ideas

12. Picture Frames

You’re likely going to want to decorate your home or apartment with some up-to-date photos. To do that, you’ll need some picture frames. Asking for photo frames on your registry is a good idea because they’ll actually be quality. Picture frames are another item that everyone needs, but no one wants to buy. Go ahead and ask for some that will last your lifetime.

Bonus: if you add photo frames to your registry, you’ll be able to put your wedding portraits in them immediately! And you can use the tool set you asked for to help hang the frame as well. (See? We’ve got you covered from all angles!)

13. Water Filter Pitcher

Depending on where you live, a water filter pitcher might be a great choice. Here in Los Angeles, the tap water isn’t as friendly as it is on the east coast, and so every household here needs a good water filter pitcher. It may be smart to ask for one for your own home.

Hopefully this list of practical wedding registry ideas helps you during your own registry process. It’s totally fine to get a few not-so-necessary items, but remember the important ones, too.