3 Trendiest Birthday Party Ideas for 2017

Birthday Party Ideas 2017 - Rock Painting

Getting ready to throw a birthday bash for your kid? If the answer is yes, you may be trying to figure out the best birthday party places, ideas, or theme for the big event. And, as many parents know, it doesn’t always work to ask the kid. They can either have too many answers or none at all. If your birthday boy or girl isn’t quite sure about birthday party ideas or places, here are a few of the trending birthday party places, themes, and ideas of 2017 to get your wheels turning.

Rock Painting Party

A fantastic trend began sprouting up in Washington over the summer, and it’s now spreading all over the U.S. and getting more and more popular. The idea is to paint a rock with a message or design, and then to hide it for a stranger to find. This trend has really taken off with kids, since painting makes a fun activity, and the rocks have a warm effect on the community. (Painters are urged to write or make messages that are highly positive and encouraging.) Explain to the kids that their rocks will be a gift for someone, and can very well brighten that stranger’s whole day.

Many birthday parties are now centered around this rock painting. Either kids paint the rocks at the party, take them home, and hide the rocks themselves later, or everyone paints rocks and then goes out as part of the event to hide them together as a fun experience. Either way, this idea makes a great birthday party idea.

Be sure to check out the rock painting guidelines for your specific area, since rules vary state by state regarding hiding rocks in certain areas. And if the kids need a little inspiration for their rocks, Pinterest has thousands of ideas.

Birthday Party Ideas 2017 - Sky Zone

Sky Zone

If you’re in Southern California, you’re in luck. The wildly popular play place Sky Zone has locations in Van Nuys, Torrance, Covina, Ventura, Westminster, Anaheim, and Riverside. The birthday boy or girl can celebrate with a party room, or the whole facility. These indoor play parks feature “trampoline floors” where guests can jump around, play dodgeball and other games; a Foam Zone; a climbing wall, and much more.

Sky Zone is a great option for kids who love activities and may want a birthday party idea that involves lots of running around and physically-based games.

Birthday Party Ideas 2017 - Elena Of Avalor

Elena Of Avalor

Looking for a great birthday party idea that you can have at a party venue? Disney’s first Latina princess was unveiled on the Disney Channel about a year ago, and ever since her debut, she’s been capturing the hearts of her young audience—and she’s been made the subject of many birthday parties.

With Elena of Avalor’s three magical Jaquins (they’re like flying tigers), guitar, festive Latin music, and heavily color-based aesthetic, she’s a character that has endless possibilities for a truly outstanding and memorable birthday party theme. Whether you decide to keep it small at your own home or go bigger at an event venue, Elena of Avalor is a theme that you can build off of and keep low-key or huge and spectacular!

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Hopefully this list gives you a few interesting ideas for your birthday boy or girl’s upcoming day! For birthday party ideas, themes, and places, we at Grand Banquet Hall are experts. We host many amazing birthday parties for kids in our wonderful Los Angeles event venue. If you’re interested in hosting with us, take a look around, or simply check our pricing and availability. We look forward to talking with you!