5 Important Details When Wedding Dress Shopping

wedding dress shopping

This is such an exciting time in your life! Choosing the wedding venue, getting the perfect flowers, choosing your caterer, and of course, going wedding dress shopping! Saying “yes to the dress” has become a major moment for women during the wedding planning process. Finding the right dress has turned into a whole event where family and friends tag along and offer support and advice for the bride-to-be. When looking for the right dress, there are many factors to consider. Our professionals here at Grand Banquet put together a list of five important details to know when going wedding dress shopping.

do research - wedding dress shopping

1. Do Your Research First

Doing research before you go wedding dress shopping will make the whole process go much, much smoother. There are many elements to know before shopping, so going in with a little background information will help you when dealing with the different dress shops.

It’s important to get an idea of the style of dress that you’re looking for. What type of neckline do you want? V-neck, sweetheart, scoop, halter, strapless? What style of dress are you looking for? Trumpet, mermaid, A-line, a ball gown? What about a bridal pantsuit?

Knowing what style you’re looking for will help the various dress shop salespeople know best how to help you. Whether you’re a younger or older bride, knowing your style will help your salesperson offer you plenty of suggestions.

When doing your wedding dress shopping research, you’ll also be able to get an idea of the pricing that you’ll be facing. You’ll see what styles will fit your budget and what may be out of your price range. It also pays to know the costs because having this information can help you negotiate with certain dress boutiques. If a shop is willing to negotiate, then knowing the prices can give you the knowledge required to talk them down in pricing.

2. Prepare A Budget

This is an extremely important detail when it comes to wedding dress shopping. It’s imperative to have a budget set aside for your wedding dress. Knowing approximately how much you can spend will help your process go smoother. If you can only spend about $3,000 on a dress, you won’t waste any time trying on five $10,000 dresses.

When you set your budget, be sure to allow for a small amount of wiggle room. This is, after all, your wedding dress—so it’s understandable that you may want to splurge a little bit. Having a little extra wiggle room of approximately $400-$500 will allow you to truly reach for your dream dress.

Just make sure to build in the alterations expense into your budget. This is one of those hidden wedding expenses that gets most people.

3. Call Ahead Of Time

If you’ve narrowed down your dress styles, go ahead and call your various bridal shops ahead of time. There’s no sense in showing up to the store only to find out that they don’t carry any V-neck style gowns. Calling ahead will save you time, energy, and gas money. If you’ve planned on checking out two or three stores this upcoming Saturday, just give them a call to ensure they have those specific styles on hand for you.

make an appointment - wedding dress shopping

4. Make An Appointment

It seems like this doesn’t get stated enough. Call ahead of time and set up an appointment with your local bridal shop. In most bridal shops, you’re not able to just check out the dresses on a rack. Call ahead and make an appointment, and your salesperson will be able to provide you the styles that you’re looking for.

5. Wear The Right Undergarments

When you’re trying your dress on, you’re going to want it to look as close as possible to how you’ll actually be wearing it on your wedding day. It’s wise to wear a white strapless bra and white panties so that nothing distracts from the dress. Seeing your purple bra straps stick out or your zebra-print panties could throw you off when looking in the mirror. It may also be a good idea to bring some Spanx if you’re planning on wearing those.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Conclusion

Go wedding dress shopping prepared with knowledge and your budget. Those are perhaps the two most important details to know when going. And if there’s one more recommendation we would make, it would be to be open-minded. You may have a specific style in mind, and may have completely ignored other styles—but until you try them on, you won’t truly know how they look. Be open-minded to what your consultant or salesperson has to say. They’re experienced in bridal attire, so give them a listen. They may feel a specific style of dress would look good on you, and when you try it on, you may even agree. Being open might just open you up to your perfect dress!