Hidden Wedding Expenses You Should Know About


If you’re currently in the middle of wedding planning, you may be seeing how quickly your budget can get eaten up. Between a wedding dress, catering, photography, and the wedding venue, it’s amazing how pricey a wedding can be!

However, it’s very important to remember the wedding expenses that most couples forget about. There are a few things that almost no one thinks to include in the budget, but are very important. Take a look at our list of 10 common forgotten things to include in your wedding budget:

#1. Postage For Invites

Most professional wedding invitation companies don’t include shipping costs when they give you a quote. You can ask for one, or figure out how much it will cost yourself, but it’s very important to include postage in your budget, since it can add up to a couple hundred dollars, depending on how many guests you’re inviting. Because lots of wedding invitation companies will try to upsell couples the fancy (heavy) invites, consider postage costs before you agree to this.

#2. Wedding Dress Alterations

This is another expense whose cost will depend on how much you need to have done. If your dress just needs a hem, it can cost less than $100. However, if you need quite a lot done to it, the cost can skyrocket to around $500. If your dress requires alterations, ask the associate at the shop about alterations before you purchase the dress.

#3. Makeup And Hair Trial

Every bride factors in a budget for her hair and makeup when wedding planning—but lots of brides forget to include the hair and makeup trial. This is very important to make sure that you’ll look exactly the way you want to on your wedding day, and to double check that your hairstyle will work with any hair accessories you’ll be wearing, such as a veil or a fascinator.

#4. Vendor Overtime Fees

Unless you’ve hired friends, your wedding photographer, videographer, DJ, or band are most likely booked until a certain time. If your wedding is going longer than that agreed-upon time and you haven’t noticed (because your wedding is going on!), you will probably get charged extra. You can either budget extra money for this possibility, or you can speak with each vendor and ask them to please approach you when their time is almost up. However, with the latter option, you’ll miss out on their music and photography, so it’s good to try and book them for the entire day. Make sure to get your contract with any vendor in writing.

#5. Cake Cutting Fees

This is for couples who are ordering their wedding cake from a vendor outside of their venue’s catering services. The staff of the venue will charge about $1.50 for each slice of cake they serve, since they are responsible for serving it. This goes the same for anytime the staff has to open a bottle. The best way to find out how much these fees will cost is to ask the venue about cutting and corkage fees up front during your wedding planning. Remember, these fees are usually only an issue when you go with an outside caterer.

Watch below for a few more often-missed wedding expenses:

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