7 Wedding Traditions That Are Disappearing

Disappearing Wedding Traditions - Cake Pull

Weddings are typically synonymous with traditions. From the garter toss to cake cutting to money dances, weddings are stuffed with fun and inspiring traditions that are believed to bring on good luck, financial blessings, and future happiness. But which wedding traditions are fading away? There seem to be quite a few, and only time will tell if they disappear completely or somehow become revived. Read below to learn about the wedding traditions that seem to be dwindling.

Cake Pulls

This cute Southern tradition is nearly unheard of now. A cake pull is when a bride places small, easy-to-remove charms inside the wedding cake for her single friends. Each charm means something different (next to have a baby, soon to be wed, an unexpected relationship, etc.), and is a joy for the friends.

Flower Girl Carrying The Bride’s Train

This particular wedding tradition is very sweet-looking, but is increasingly rare these days. Perhaps it’s because it seems to big a big responsibility for younger flower girls, or because the bride wants to be the absolute last person to walk down the aisle. Whatever reason it may be, flower girls holding the train is fading.

Carrying New Wife Over The Threshold

Not a tradition that takes place during the wedding but afterward, the groom carrying his new bride over the threshold of their new home seems to be forgotten these days. Whether it’s because the couple already lived together beforehand or it’s simply overlooked, this “good luck” wedding tradition is barely done anymore.

Disappearing Wedding Traditions - Threshold

The Sweetheart Table

Sure, it’s very traditional—but why spend all that money to bring all your favorite people together, only to eat far away from them? More and more couples are deciding to change up this wedding tradition and either eat amongst all their guests or visit tables while everyone else is eating.

Money Dances

Very traditional for several different backgrounds, including Italian and Armenian, money dances involve some variation of male guests or the groomsmen dancing with the bride and putting money into a bag she’s wearing. Sometimes they simply throw money at her as she dances, or pin it on her. It may be light-hearted…but not quite romantic. It’s no surprise this tradition is melting away.

Tying Tin Cans To The Farewell Car

Actually, most farewell car wedding traditions are slowly disappearing—including putting shaving cream on the windshield and writing in lipstick on the car. Once the main sign of a newly-married couple, tin cans tied to the back seem downright cartoonish now.

The Cake Smush

It doesn’t look pretty. It’s messy. It’s a bit cheesy…and everyone has to watch it. Many are convinced that the cake smush (when the bride and groom shove a piece of wedding cake into each other’s mouths) has completely worn out its welcome. Many couples are totally bypassing it these days and saving themselves the hassle of the cleanup. Some even choose to bypass the cake cutting altogether—but that’s another story!

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