An Essential Guide To Planning Corporate Event Catering

platters of food

Everyone gets excited about the food at corporate events. Yes, there are other goals, but food is always a focal point. Whether your event is a company workshop, a conference, a celebration, a business mixer, a breakfast brunch, an awards ceremony, or a fundraiser, or any other kind of business function, it’s important to make sure your corporate event catering is just right. And with business occasions where it’s important to impress, it’s smart to think outside the box. Here are a few ways how you can do this.

Theme It

It’s always fun to theme catering to match the event. For example, if your event is celebrating a successful quarter for sales revenues in a certain place, arrange for the catering to reflect that place: deep-dish pizza if it’s Chicago; salmon if it’s Alaska; tandoori chicken if it’s India, and so on. Your guests will love this concept!

Include Fresh Fruit

This goes especially if your event is during the daytime. Fresh fruit always goes over well, it’s healthy, it provides energy, and it looks beautiful, too. Just make sure your corporate event catering company provides fruit that is fresh. No brown-spotted bananas!

What About Lunch?

If you’re having a lunchtime function, your corporate event catering should include good sources of protein. This will help your guests not only feel satisfied, but will also provide energy. A popular lunch protein is chicken, or beans for vegetarians. For lunch events, always serve salad and include healthy fats like nuts and avocado somewhere as well.

Be Considerate

These days, more than ever, people are being health-conscious and careful about what they put into their bodies when they eat. Some people have allergies, and others abide by what their religion states they can and cannot eat. For these reasons, it’s wise to consider everyone who you’re inviting and what they may or may not be able to eat. Think about options for those who can’t have gluten, those who are vegetarians or vegans, those who eat kosher, those who are lactose intolerant or have other allergies, and so on. This consideration will be greatly appreciated.

Power Foods

If your event happens to be a breakfast function, consider foods that will help people focus and feel good rather than foods that will make them feel sluggish. Eggs are a perfect food for brain power—especially with spinach and peppers—and oatmeal provides energy. Make sure to include smart choices for your guests when planning a breakfast event.

Display Is Important

Delicious food is one thing. Delicious food that is presented beautifully is a whole other level of making a great impression. Even a buffet can look amazing with the right catering! Make sure the catering you choose knows how to properly present their creations.

Don’t Offer The Same Old Thing

During the year, business people eat so many sandwiches, wraps, and other dull foods during business functions. Don’t allow your corporate event catering to be like that! Go beyond. Provide exciting and vibrant platters, mouth-watering savory dishes, and delectable desserts. Wow them with a big change in what they are typically given.

Watch below for more great corporate event catering tips:

Keep in mind that good food puts people in a good mood. And when they’re in a good mood, your corporate event has a better chance of going great and making a positive lasting impression on your company. Elevate your corporate event with truly superb catering. At Grand Banquet Hall, not only are we a fantastic Los Angeles event venue where many corporate events are held—we also employ in-house catering for corporate events and events of any other kind. If you’re looking for a venue to host your corporate event, take a look at our photo gallery, or feel free to ask us about pricing and availability. We are also happy to assist you with other areas of planning your event.