Your Expert Guide On Tipping Wedding Vendors

tipping wedding vendors

With so many different vendors and services that couples book during their wedding, it can be difficult to keep track of who expects a tip and who doesn’t. Does your vendor’s contract already have a gratuity included in it? What if it doesn’t? Do you still tip them? What if they’re the owner of the business—does that make a difference? These are all good questions that we have heard couples ask before. Here’s our expert guide regarding the in’s and out’s of tipping wedding vendors.

Your Wedding Planner

wedding planner - tipping wedding vendors
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If you got yourself a wedding planner, good for you! That’s extremely wise. A wedding planner is extremely worth it for all the stress they remove from the wedding planning process.

Now the question becomes: do you tip your wedding planner? Generally, your wedding planner is not expecting a tip from you—although, if they do go above and beyond what your expectations were, it’s nice to offer them a reward for their hard work. We suggest tipping them 15-20% of their fee price if you do decide to tip them.

Limousine And Transport Drivers

Many limo companies will have this written into their contract, but in case yours doesn’t, generally 15% is a nice gesture for a tip. This is likely something they’ll be expecting from you—just as if you were to take a cab ride.

If your limo driver goes the extra mile for you and makes some quick stops for snacks and drinks, consider giving them a little extra.

The Band Or DJ

If your wedding band or DJ work(s) for themselves and gratuity hasn’t been added to your contract, we recommend offering a tip to them. If they work for a larger company, gratuity has probably been included in the contract. You’ll need to check.

If gratuity has not been added…

If it’s a DJ, we advise somewhere between 10-15% for your tip. If it’s a band, we suggest tipping each member separately, somewhere around $20-$25 per person.

Your Florist

florist - tipping wedding vendors

Usually a florist does not expect or receive a tip. Of course, if you feel they earned it, you can tip them somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15%.

A tip for flowers/centerpiece delivery is definitely appreciated, whether it is the florist themselves or a driver.

The Officiant

If your officiant is a member of a church, generally the “tip” is considered to be a donation to their church. About $100-$150 is a standard donation for this.

Some cultures will have more than one officiant or priest for the wedding. In this case, we advise donating $100-$150 per officiant.

Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist

We recommend that you tip your hair stylist and makeup artist the same way that you would normally tip them in a salon—about 20%.

However, if these stylists travel to you the morning of your wedding or take care of your entire bridal party, we recommend giving them an extra bonus for their work. This is not an easy job.

The Reception Staff

reception staff - tipping wedding vendors

Depending on the wedding venue that you choose, a gratuity may be written into the contract for the staff. If a gratuity isn’t written into the contract, we recommend about $20 per reception staff member.

Your Photographer And Videographer

If your wedding photographer or videographer owns a studio, generally a tip is not required (unless you just really want to tip them).

If they don’t own the studio, we recommend tipping them anywhere from $100-$200 for their work.

Tipping Wedding Vendors: Conclusion

After reading this article, it should become apparent that tipping wedding vendors can become quite an added expense to your wedding budget—so when you’re going through the process of wedding planning, don’t forget to calculate for this!