Top 8 Bridal Shower Games

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Planning a bridal shower can be a little stressful at times. There’s a wide variety of age groups coming to the party, expecting to be entertained. Plus, the guests will range from family members to friends, some of which may have never met before. It’s important to try and help them get to know each other to make the party go as smoothly as possible. One great way of doing that is to have bridal shower games throughout the party.

Here’s a list of our top 8 bridal shower games that is sure to keep everyone engaged and having fun.

1.  Bridal Shower Bingo

Traditional bingo can be fun. It can get very competitive, especially when you’re getting close to the end and many participants are close to getting a bingo.

How To Play:

This is definitely one of our favorite bridal shower games. Instead of having “BINGO” across the top, create cards that say “BRIDE”. You can play with traditional numbers in the game, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can put facts about the bride and groom in the squares instead.

The rest of the rules can be played like traditional bingo. We suggest if you’re going to use playing chips or bingo dabbers to use your wedding colors. If you want to add a little more competitiveness, you can have players team up. Try and mix them up so friends and family members can meet each other.

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2. Two Truths And A Lie

This one is really simple and will allow your guests to really get to know each other better.

How To Play:

This one doesn’t need any prep beforehand. Each player goes up in front of the guests (or you might be sitting in a circle) and states two truths and a lie about experiences they’ve had with the bride-to-be. This one can get really fun as some crazy stories are bound to be told!

3. Wedding Trivia

A simple trivia game can get really competitive for people when you’re testing their knowledge.

How To Play:

Grab a bunch of note cards and put together as many wedding-themed trivia questions as you’d like—the more the better. You can make a variety of pop culture wedding questions mixed in with trivia about the soon-to-be bride and groom.

You can play individually or divide the guests up into groups. We suggest splitting guests into groups of 3 or 4 to create team spirit. It will also give them a chance to get to know each other better.

toilet paper - bridal shower games

4. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is one of the most competitive bridal shower games we can suggest. It gets everyone’s creative juices flowing!

How To Play:

For this one you’re going to need A LOT of toilet paper, preferably something a little thicker so it doesn’t tear so easily.

You’ve most likely seen this game before, as it’s one of the more popular bridal shower games. Split your guests up into groups of 4 or 5. Each group will have a designated bride in which the rest of the team will turn into fashionistas and design a dress ON the designated bride. At the end, the actual soon-to-be bride will judge the best dress. The winning team gets a prize. Here’s a quick video describing the game.

5. Find The Guest

This is another great game that will allow your guests to really mingle and get to know each other.

How To Play:

Create a list of characteristics that your group of guests will likely have. Create a checklist with those characteristics, and hand them to each guest. Each guest then gets to walk around the room and try and find someone who has a characteristic. The first guest to complete the checklist wins a prize.

blue purse emptied - bridal shower games

6. Purse Scavenger Hunt

We all carry something crazy in our purse. Here’s the perfect way to reward your friends with the craziest items in their purse with this bridal shower game.

How To Play:

Create a list of items you would normally see in a purse such as lipstick, sunglasses, gum, a phone charger, receipts, tampons, etc. Now add less common (and maybe racier) items to the list. Hand this list to your guests and see who has the craziest items in their purse. You can assign points to the items with the less common and racier items earning more points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins a prize.

7. “Who Am I?” Celebrity Edition

Test your guest’s celebrity knowledge with a fun “Who Am I?” game.

How To Play:

Create cards with various female celebrities on them. Each guest takes a turn taping the card to their forehead (without seeing who the celebrity is). Other guests then provide clues as to who the celebrity wife is and she tries to guess her card.

wedding charades - bridal shower games

8. Wedding Charades

We’ve all played charades at one time or another. It’s a fantastic game to get people to be competitive and work as a team.

How To Play:

On index cards, write down wedding-related movies. Divide the guests up into two teams. Each team has a player pick up a card and tries to act out that movie while their teammates guess before time runs out. The team with the most correct guesses wins.


Whatever bridal shower games you decide to do, make sure they’re mostly interactive. You want your guests to be mingling with each other and talking. Most games will require a little bit of prep, so try not to wait until the last minute. Be as organized as possible and get help from other bridesmaids. If there are junior bridesmaids, this is a perfect opportunity to enlist their help with fun ideas.