Wedding Dress Tips For Older Brides

Older Bride And Groom

At Grand Banquet Hall, we’ve hosted wedding receptions for couples of all ages—from early 20s to those in their 80s. Each wedding reception has been beautiful, memorable, and special in its own way, and each couple was equally excited and happy for their big day. As wedding planners, many of our older brides often ask us certain questions about various aspects of their look and what is appropriate. The truth is, a couple should do whatever they want on their big day, no matter what anyone else may say.

However, if an older bride wants advice, here are some time-tested tips that have been helping older brides with their wedding day look for years and years.

Focus On Your Good Features

Too many older brides obsess over what they dislike about their bodies, but every woman in the world has amazing features. Whether it’s your eyes, your hair, your legs, or anything else, play up the things you like so that you’ll feel at your most beautiful. And remember to be positive—don’t make the preparation for your wedding look into something negative!

Choose Where To Show Skin

Some people think that you shouldn’t show skin after 40, but this isn’t exactly true. If you have gorgeous legs, show them off. And some extraordinarily beautiful wedding dresses show off a woman’s shoulders or back very tastefully. And if you have amazing arms, let everyone see them! See the paragraph above: it’s all about your best features, and what makes you feel lovely and comfortable.

Be Elegant With Accessories

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, try to go for a more elegant look rather than an overwhelming wave of bling. Save the chunky, colorful jewelry and hair accessories for the honeymoon! On your wedding day, go with something sophisticated, such as simple pearls or a little sparkle for your ears.

You Don’t Have To Wear White

Speaking of where to apply color…many older brides choose cream or pastels for their wedding dress, but if you adore color, don’t be shy about wearing something bright and bold. Older brides don’t need to worry about wearing white if they prefer something else. Do you look amazing in red? Go for it. Is emerald green your favorite color? Wear it! Don’t worry about tradition—wear a color that you love and feel great in. An added bonus to choosing a non-white or pastel wedding dress is that you can skip the bridal department in the store and go straight for the cocktail attire, which will save you money.

Check out the video below for makeup tips for older brides:

Remember, as an older bride you may no longer be a wide-eyed young girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look absolutely gorgeous for your wedding day. At Grand Banquet Hall, we not only provide couples with one of the most stunning wedding venues in Los Angeles; we also offer expert wedding planning tips and services. If you’re currently planning your wedding and need an amazing wedding venue, please feel free to take a look around or contact us!