7 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

wedding planning mistakes

There’s a good chance you’ve probably never gone through the process of wedding planning before. If you’re tackling it for the first time, you’re about to realize how difficult and stressful it can be. There are many things to consider, such as which wedding venue you’ll choose, whether you should get a DJ or band, or what catering service to go with, and what type of officiant to go with. Along the way, you might make a few wedding planning mistakes, but we’re here to offer our experienced advice in hopes that you don’t! Here are some of the biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

1. Planning Without A Budget

wedding budget - wedding planning mistakes

This wedding planning mistake is right at the top of our list. Attempting to plan your wedding without a budget is more common than you might think. Couples will often begin shopping for venue locations, inviting hundreds of guests, and going wedding dress shopping all without even setting a budget for themselves first.

Figuring out your financial situation will shape your entire wedding planning process. It’s not only difficult to plan without one—it’s also irresponsible. Don’t make this most common wedding planning mistake. Make sure setting a budget is the first thing you do.

2. Not Hiring A Videographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is to be expected, but many couples don’t think hiring a videographer is important. Thinking this way, however, is a huge mistake.

You’ll obviously treasure the pictures that you have, but having a video of your wedding is priceless. Having a professionally shot and edited video of your wedding captures all the important moments in a way that pictures simply can’t. Watching your wedding video again and again will also be a meaningful activity for you and your partner.

3. Signing Contracts Without Reading Them

signing contracts - wedding planning mistakes

We’d all like to believe that every vendor is on the up and up, but that may not always be the case. Or it may not even be a case of someone trying to scam you—it could be as simple as a misunderstanding between the two parties.

Make sure you carefully read over the contract with your vendor and ensure that all the details you need are included there. It sounds painstaking, but it will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

4. Trying To Please Everyone

We can’t stress this enough—you can’t please everyone! And besides, this is your day, not theirs. Make the best decision possible for you and your significant other. Once you stop worrying about pleasing everyone, it will take a lot of stress off your plate.

5. Hiring Friends Instead Of Professionals

Just because a close friend of yours enjoys taking photos doesn’t mean that they can shoot a wedding. And sure, maybe your cousin is getting interested in becoming a DJ. That’s no reason to invite him to be the DJ at your wedding. And yes, maybe your auntie is a fabulous cook, but do you really want her to do the catering?

This is one of the more maddening wedding planning mistakes we hear about. You’re hiring professionals because they know what they’re doing, they have experience with weddings, and they’re good at their jobs. Let your friends be the guests and leave the important work up to the professionals.

6. Not Trimming The Guest List

wedding guest list - wedding planning mistakes

Too often couples will cut their budget in other places in order to invite all the guests they want to include. This is a big mistake. There’s no need to invite every person you’ve ever met. You’ll need to make some sacrifices when it comes to guests.

Prioritize your guest list into A-list and B-list. The A-list is people you absolutely can’t have your wedding without—such as immediate and extended family as well as your closest of friends. Your B-list should be people you’d like to invite, but won’t lose sleep over if they don’t make it.

7. Micromanaging The Photographer

You’ll be expected to talk to your wedding photographer about their style and to give them a list of specific shots that you’d like. Beyond that, anything else you talk to them about becomes micro-managing, and it’s not good.

Your photographer has likely been shooting weddings for a while, and they will know what to do. Let them work their magic and do the job you paid them for.


Hopefully you don’t fall victim to these wedding planning mistakes. The process can be stressful, but by doing lots of research and taking your time to go over things, you can avoid them.